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Wholistic Life & Wellness Coach Certificate - applied traditional theories of the elemental and constitutional forces that can influence our career & life choices, decision making styles, and success in achieving  health, career, relationship & life goals.

Through modern coaching techniques, you will learn effective and inspiring approaches to assist clients in setting, clarifying and reaching their professional, personal, financial, health and relationship goals while manifesting life purpose.

CURRICULUM - 230 hours of comprehensive training over 8 months include 48 hours of in-class interactive training processes plus 120 hours of case study work, experience & mentorship with 36 hours of peer coaching, 8 hours of reflective assignments, 15 hours of coaching support and 3 hours on-line and written  & practical exam.

FACILITATOR - Danielle Gault  Combining her love of the Eastern approach to wellness with her Western educational interest in psychology, Danielle has successfully blended her training in the natural healing arts with high-quality corporate personality workshops.

TUITION - 8 month Training - Fees: $1700 + HST (early registration discount-please enquire)                               
DATE: Start date in October 2017 and follow up second weekend in February 2018

For information on the Wholistic Life & Wellness Coaching Certification Course, contact :
                                            The Institute of Traditional Medicine 
                                   553 Queen St W.   2nd floor, Toronto, ON M5V 2B6
                                    Call: 416-537-0928 or email :

Bellanina Face Massage - Training
facilitated by Sandra Fox, RAC Toronto Chapter member
Certified trainer - Bellanina Face Massage treatment
Learning this remarkable treatment in a seminar is the quickest way to success. This hands on course is action oriented and leaves you with a skill to begin performing the Bellanina Facelift Massage. Learn to restore muscle tone & improve elasticity, improve lymph drainage, enhance metabolic process & create greater blood & oxygen flow. Learn to release harmful facial holding patterns & create a beautiful glow.   This is not a facial but a massage oriented treatment for the face. Through a series of acupressure strokes, contouring strokes, effleurage, tapotement and lymph drainage the Bellanina Facelift Massage can lift your clients face and their spirit. 
For more information contact Sandra Fox:
or call (416) 924-6579.
Post-Graduate CranioSacral Reflexology (CSR) Training in Ontario
'Please contact Carol Faguy for future dates for workshops

Cranio-Sacral Reflexology (CSR) balances the energy between the feet and the head. In doing so, we can achieve homeostasis in the person receiving, thus effectively addressing a large variety of system dysfunctions. By assessing the body, mind and spirit as well as the primary respiratory mechanisms, and by working on the three levels of man, we can help renew the patient's energy.
Students learn to read and interpret the craniosacral Fluid & Rhythm and appreciate its movement throughout the craniosacral system and therefore the whole body, and are thus able to perceive dysfunction by palpating specific points found on the feet and on the cranium.
Through Cranio-Sacral Reflexology (CSR), we learn how to balance the three diaphragms and the autonomic nervous system by using the basic CSR protocol, as well as the Cardiovascular and the Lymphatic protocols when and where appropriate.
CSR was devised by Dr Martine Faure Alderson, an Osteopath specializing in Cranio-Sacral Therapy, who is also a trained physician in Homeopathy, Acupuncture, and Reflexology, and who has been practicing and teaching reflexology for many years.  Martine set up her first School of Reflexology in Paris in 1974.
The CranioSacral Reflexology (CSR) Certification Training is offered to qualified Reflexologists and other therapists and takes place over the period of a year.  It consists of 8 days of training over 2 Levels of four days each - the 'New Advanced' and Third Level. It also includes periods of home study, case study preparation and mentoring. This training leads to a post-graduate Diploma in CranioSacral Reflexology and allows membership into CranioSacral Reflexology International Academy of Excellence, based in the UK.
For more information, contact:
Carol Faguy   T: 450-242-4224  ǁ  C: 514-816-8559
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